This interactive map will show you the best places to visit on a 6-month trip around Australia

Australia has finally opened its borders to international tourists after an incredibly long Covid-19 lockdown. With this opportunity, one might wonder where to start their visit and what to see. Sid Hewsion, known on TikTok as Sids Ventures, has been doing a lot of work during the pandemic to help answer these questions.

Like many other people, Sid joined the video sharing platform at the beginning of the pandemic. He is a tour guide in Alice Springs and, at the beginning, he just wanted to share his job with the world. However, in about 4 months he gained 750,000 followers and that prompted him to create a series of videos along his own tour of Australia. Talking about the beginning of the project, Sid said that after he gained some traction, he realised he “wasn’t going to lose too much if I threw myself into this online presence 100%”.

As soon as I realised people were interested, I decided I was basically going to make my own tour riding around Australia and film and document that whole thing.

Sid Hewsion

He ventured on a 6-month long journey on his motorcycle, documenting all his stops along the way. He has just finished the trek and decided to create an interactive map based on his adventures. The chart shows all the spots he visited, each linking to the corresponding TikTok video. His trip circles the continent while displaying a total of 282 of Australia’s most interesting sites, split into 6 categories:  nature, old culture, new culture, animals, geology and Sid Stuff.

© MapHub / Sids Ventures

He visited remote areas of all the country’s regions, the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, documenting parks, cultural sites and animals, among which the box jellyfish, the platypus and different types of crocodiles. Some of the places he showed the world are not even known by Australians, such as the Murujuga National Park. #ancient #culture #rockart #australia #fyp ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

Sid loves being a tour guide. “I saw a little job popped up that said: ‘Be a tour guide in Alice Springs’, and two weeks later I was living in Alice Springs, and 10 years later it’s still my number one passion”, he says. Now that his online ventures are over and the country is once again opened for tourism, he plans on opening his own tour guide business, so the people that have been following him online over the past months can join him in discovering Australia.

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