These are the safest countries if you want to go on a solo trip as a woman

Solo travelling has been a trend for quite a while now. Instead of going on a trip with friends, family or a partner, you go and discover the world on your own. Sure, that may seem a bit scary at first and we can agree it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet if you want to live an unforgettable experience, if you really want to open up to everything the world has to offer, solo travelling is the way to go. Sadly, especially as a woman, choosing the right destination can be tricky.

Women all over the world get confronted with dangers we’d rather not know existed. From cultural attitudes to actual harassment, there’s a lot to be aware of if you’re travelling solo as a woman. And even though, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to cope with all those factors, in the real world, you better take them into account. For your own safety.

As an individual, it can however be rather difficult to get a good view on travel safety as a woman. Sure, you can do some research but it’s difficult to cover all necessary issues. That’s why Solo Female Travelers decided to put together a Solo Female Travelers Safety Index. A list showing you the safest female solo travel destinations all around the world, in just one glance. A list based on accurate, relevant and updated data, which allows you to check the destinations at any time.

Different datasets

But how do you put together such a list? Well, Solo Female Travelers based its index on seven different variables, using different sources. In terms of third party-data, they used the US Travel Advisory, the UK Travel Advisory and the Global Peace Index. Three reliable sources, giving a good general lie of the land. For the other four datasets, they used information from their own Solo Female Travelers users. Here, we’re talking risk of theft, risk of scam, risk of harassment and attitudes towards women.

Attitudes towards women is a variable that aims to capture the female experience. Perceptions towards women, gender equality, how conservative a country is towards its women, the restrictions placed on women, the need to cover face or hair or other restrictions on physical appearance, the incidence of crime against women, etc. are all included in this variable.

Solo Female Travelers

After putting everything together, all this information resulted in a list with the safest countries to visit as a solo female traveller.

Top 8 safest destinations

1. New Zealand

2. Singapore

3. Macao

4. Thailand

5. Australia

6. Fiji

7. Iceland

8. South Korea

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