10 reasons why trains are the best way to travel through Europe

Planning a Eurotrip is no small feat, considering how many landmarks there are to see and things to do. You have to limit your options by assessing the time, logistics, and, of course, your budget. But when it comes to budgeting time (and money), the way to travel through Europe is certainly by train. It’s cheaper and usually less time-consuming than planes or cars. It also helps decrease CO2 emissions, protecting Mother Nature.

Europe is the second smallest continent, meaning that travelling by plane may actually be more time-consuming. Consider the time needed to get to the airport, go through security, board, fly, and then go to collect luggage and get to the centre, when you can travel through Europe by train from one city centre to another easily and conveniently. But, if you remain unconvinced, here are 10 reasons why trains are the best way to travel through Europe.

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1. It’s cheaper

Train fares are much cheaper than airline tickets and even gas prices. On top of that, with the Eurail pass for non-European citizens (or Interpass for Europeans), you travel between 33 countries in Europe by only paying a fixed fee. They offer plenty of opportunities, from a certain number of days a month or two months, to travelling non-stop 15, 22 days, a month, two or three months. This is something worth considering when planning a trip.

2. It’s convenient

While plane rides come with restrictions and a lot of preparation, travelling by train is easier. It is also simpler than renting a car, for example. It’s not only gas prices you need to consider, there’s also the matter of your driver’s license. For example, you may need an international driving license for USA citizens in certain European countries.

3. No luggage restrictions and food onboard is allowed

When travelling by plane, you can only carry as much luggage as your ticket permits. With trains, you can carry as much as you need. Also, there are no food or drink restrictions, so you may pack a snack or lunch, and a bottle of water for yourself or your family.

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4. Trains take less time

Another thing to consider when budgeting the time for your travel is the time it takes you to get to and from the airport and pass the security checks, plus collecting luggage if you have any. So the total time becomes at least two hours more than the time spent aboard the airplane. Train stations, at least the main ones, are conveniently located near the city centre, thus saving you the time spent in commute. Another advantage is that you can also visit the beautiful landmarks in Europe that are usually nearby when you have time to spare.

5. It’s more comfortable

Comfort is something you may lack in the coach of an airline, but you certainly won’t miss aboard a train. There is plenty of space even in the second class of a train, so your muscles won’t hurt after the ride. Plus, you can always stretch your legs without worrying about the seatbelt sign.

6. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes

Not only do European cities and towns look like open-door museums, but the landscapes you pass by are like enchanted forests from Disney movies. And if you are a blogger, there are plenty of opportunities for you to take stunning images and videos. Just remember to pack a travel camera for your train journey!

7. Extra stops along the way

Trains are especially convenient for making unscheduled stops in a charming village you pass by. If you have to switch trains at a certain point and you are in no hurry, set the time aside for visiting a city or town you pass through. European villages, especially in countries with rich history such as Italy, are like open-door museums and that is why you should travel through Europe by train.

8. It’s eco-friendly

If you are concerned with the well-being of Mother Nature, trains are extremely eco-friendly, especially with the new ones running partially or fully on electricity. Sustainability is one of Europe’s goals for 2030, thus they often have special offers on train fares and are looking for ways to make trains run faster and more efficiently. Even regular trains emit only 0.3% of total CO2 compared to 2% of CO2 emissions by planes.

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9. Special deals for train passengers

Speaking of special deals, you can actually save up on train fares or even get discounts or free guided tours in certain cities. It is a way to promote train travel through Europe, but also greener ways of moving around. Special discounts for young adults promote mobility and allow them to travel through Europe by train, thus eliminating the need for cars.

10. Trains help you save on hotel bookings

There are special overnight trains through Europe which help you save money on hotels. The price of an overnight cart can be much cheaper than a hotel room, plus you also get to travel, so you also save time.

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