Most beautiful Croatian castles

There are many incredible places to visit in Croatia, it is a never-ending inspiration for anyone who enjoys travelling and discovering new things. Though not very big, it is a country of beautiful and diverse nature, but also a rich history. A part of the ancient times can be seen in the beautiful castles spread throughout the country and here we bring you here five incredible castles to visit when in Croatia!

1. Veliki Tabor

Close to the picturesque village Desinić, at the border with Slovenia and only about 70 km from Zagreb, Veliki Tabor is a true delight for anyone who likes castles. The building was most probably constructed in 15th century and was previously owned by the noble family Ratkaj.  Besides enjoying the architecture of the castle itself, here you can also learn more by visiting the museum, participate in numerous activities and events, learn more about old craftsmanship and also enjoy the wonderful views of the green surroundings of the Hrvatsko Zagorje region.

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2. Trakošćan Castle

One of the most beautiful and most famous Croatian castles is most definitely the Trakošćan Castle. Built at end of 13th and beginning of 14th century, it changed its owners frequently until the mid-16th century when it was taken over by the noble family Drašković. In the museum you can see many interesting artefacts, from furniture to paintings and coins from different historical periods. Besides enjoying the tales the castle tells, you can also enjoy the surroundings – standing at the top of a hill, the castle is not only surrounded by beautiful greenery but also has an artificial lake, making it the ideal place for a day trip!

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3. Mailath Castle

At the very east of Croatia, in the small town of Donji Miholjac, you will find the beautiful Mailath Castle. Relatively recently constructed, at the beginning of the 20th century, the castle was quite modern for its time, having even three different ways of heating. Currently home to public services of the small town it is situated in, the Mailath Castle was actually built because of a promise count Mailath made to the ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that the next time he would visit, there would be a castle in the hunting style – therefore also the specific look of the castle that resembles the Tudor style.

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4. Ozalj Castle

Surrounded by gorgeous nature, right above the Kupa River and around 15 km from the beautiful town of Karlovac, there is a small Middle Age town that was transformed into a castle in the 18th century. It changed many owners throughout history, however, the most notable one is the family Zrinski that had an important role in Croatian history. You can find out more about that and many other historical things in the castle museum, where there are also paintings of the famous Croatian painter Slava Raškaj who was born in the town of Ozalj.

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5. Stara Sušica Castle

Potterheads attention – as this castle is like Hogwarts itself! Immersed in the incredible greenery of the Gorski Kotar region, this magical castle built by the noble Frankopan family is now actually a property of the city of Rijeka and often used for different youth activities. One of them also being the School of Magic!

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6. Dioš Castle

This extraordinary castle, close to the Končanica village, is one of the most beautiful castles of the Slavonija region. Its rich architectural elements are in perfect balance with the green surroundings, delighting the visitors and passers-by with its beauty.

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